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Flash finds a new ally

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Flash finds a new ally – logomacitynet1200wide 1

From worst enemy to best friend of Flash. The path is not short or easy but who knows if at the end of it there could be advantages for all Internet users. To launch the company, with Macromedia, Jakob Nielsen, universally recognized as one of the "gurus" of web design but known especially to the creators of web pages as one of the most bitter critics of Flash technologies. Particularly known is his white book whose title, "Flash 99 Bad", is more eloquent than any explanation of the content. Flash was criticized for its dispersiveness, for the ease with which it leads to creating web pages inconsistent in the interface, wasting bandwidth and distracting the user from the content of the site itself. "In 99% of cases the presence of Flash translates into a degradation of the usability of the site," wrote Nielsen. Since the release of the MX version, however, Nielesen has started to change its mind, especially for the presence of standard components at the interior of flash animations, including scroll bars and buttons. Nielesen then admitted that Macromedia has shown that it listens to critics by trying to properly educate Flash programmers. "Nielsen's criticisms – admitted Kevin Lynch, one of the designers of Flash – had a foundation in the field of usability of the site and caused the opening of a debate in the Flash community. The results are what you saw in MX. ”Nielsen's company now plans to release some applications written in Flash and test them on Internet users to see how easily they can be used to navigate a site. The agreement between Macromedia and Nielsen Norman Group could also extend further with a joint announcement of guidelines for development in Flash.

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