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Fix the error "Unable to connect to this network" in Windows 10

Fix the error "Unable to connect to this network" in Windows 10

All the ways to fix the "Unable to connect to this network" error in Windows 10

network connection impossible It can happen, on a Windows 10 PC, to meet the error "Unable to connect to this network"which, in fact, prevents internet connection to access sites, receive e-mails and use any other program that requires an active internet connection. What is important to know about this error that depends on the configuration of the computer and not on the internet provider This usually means that a problem that can be solved at home without having to call for an external intervention. First, then to worry about the lack of internet connection, try to see if the network to which Windows 10 fails to connect instead active, visible and working on another computer or on a smartphone. If other devices are able to connect normally to the network, we will have confirmation of having a problem on the PC that can be solved. Furthermore, if the network listed in the list of wifi networks, it means that the router is working (problems with the router can lead not to connect to the internet, but not to prevent connection to a network) no different ways to fix the error "could not connect to this network"and in this list of solutions we will start from the most effective and simple and fast one up to the most complex one.

1) Forget the network and connect againIf when there is a problem on the computer, the first solution is to restart it, if there is a problem on the network connection, the first thing to do is to reconnect as if it were the first time. To do this, in Windows 10, find the network icon in the taskbar (which may have a different icon depending on the state of the network, with the world drawing if the PC is not connected to anything or that of a monitor if the PC connected via cable), press on it with the mouse and then open Network and Internet settings. The same options screen can also be found by opening Settings and then Network and InternetFrom the network settings, press on Wifi in the left sidebar and then on Manage known networks in the right pane to view the networks used in the past. From the list of all networks, click the one that tells us it is impossible to connect and then press on Cancel storage. The network will be removed from the list. To reconnect, press the network icon on the desktop or go to network settings> Wifi and press on show available networks, and select the network that gave the error by re-entering the login password.

2) Airplane modeOn iPhone and Android, when the smartphone is unable to connect to the data network, the quickest way to solve the problem is to activate airplane mode, wait 10 seconds and then deactivate it. In Windows 10 you can do the same thing and the trick helps the computer to disconnect completely from any network, thus eliminating any errors that prevented the connection. Then press the notification icon in the lower right corner of the desktop of Windows 10 to open the Windows Notification Center and quick switches. Then press the one with the Airplane mode icon to disable all connections, wait 30 seconds and then disable Airplane mode and retry the connection.

3) Automatic network troubleshooting toolWindows 10 has integrated the tools to automatically correct the most frequent errors, among which there is also the one to solve network connection problems. So if it seems impossible to connect to a wifi network, open it Settings from the Start menu and then go to the section Update and Security.To select Troubleshooting from the left sidebar and then scroll down the right screen until you find the tool for Internet connections. Press on it and then click the button Run the troubleshooter.Note that among the troubleshooting tools, scrolling down, you can also find a tool for correct network adapter problems, which can be used safely without side effects.

4) Manually repair the network parametersWhat the automatic correction tool does can also be done manually by executing some commands that reset the internal network parameters of the Windows 10 PC. To launch these commands you need to open the command prompt with administrator rights that can be done in Windows 10 by right clicking on the Start button. Depending on the configuration, you can find Powershell or the command prompt in the menu that appears, and both are fine, as long as they are started with administrator rights. From the command line interface, write these lines one at a time and press Submit on the keyboard after each of them to launch the network reset and reset commands. There is absolutely no problem in doing it so you should not be afraid of making the situation worse.

  • netsh winsock reset
  • netsh int ip reset
  • ipconfig / release
  • ipconfig / renew
  • ipconfig / flushdns

Restart the computer and the problem should be solved; if not, try the above commands again. Wanting to run these commands and also other controls using a simple and still very effective program, described several years ago as the best to repair the internet connection and restore the network in case of errors, which also takes care of resetting the Windows firewall 10.

5) Uninstall the network card driversIf the problem has not yet been resolved, the computer may not be able to connect to the network due to a problem with the wifi card drivers. The easiest way to solve driver problems in Windows 10 uninstall the device and let Windows 10 automatically install the correct drivers. To do this, right-click on the Windows 10 Start button to be able to click on Device management. In the list that appears, expand the menu Network cards, locate the Wireless Network Adapter, right click on it and then up Uninstall. Then restart your computer and let the device be reinstalled automatically with the right drivers that Windows 10 includes inside.

6) Reset the network settingsIf still nothing worked, there is still a simple solution to fix the error "could not connect to this network", to reset the network configuration of the PC. This will remove all the stored settings and you can reconnect the computer to the internet as if it were the first time. In Windows 10, open the Settings, go to the section Network and Internet, then below State, scroll down the right pane until you find the option Network Restore. This operation removes and reinstalls all the network adapters on the computer, returning all the network components to the original configuration.

7) Disable IPv6 on the PCAt this point the error should be solved and if it is not yet it means that there are more serious problems (for example the wifi network card can be broken). First, however, you can still try to disable IP version 6 on your computer, which can sometimes cause errors. Then open Network settings, press on Wifi and then, on the right side, click the link Change card options. Right click on the icon of the network that fails the wifi connection, then click on Properties. In the Properties window, scroll through the list in the center to find Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) and disable it. Press OK and try to connect again.

8) Turn off energy savingAlthough this is unlikely to be the cause of the problem, try to check if Windows 10 is not set to turn off the network card after a certain period of inactivity. To do this, open Change card options as seen in step 7 to open the Properties of the network card. In the Properties window, press the button Configure and then go to the Energy Saver section to make sure the option that allows the computer to turn off the device In addition, open the Windows 10 Control Panel (look for it on the Start menu), open the section System and security, press on Energy saving options, click on Change saving settings under the selected energy saving plan and then on Change Advanced Settings. In the list below, search Wireless card settings and make sure it is set to Maximum performance.

Other solutionsOther solutions to correct the problems of access to the wifi network and the internet have been listed in other articles: If the PC is not connected to the internet, how to restore the network and web browsing

Also beware of any blockages on the firewall and on the antivirus, which can often be set to block internet connections.