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Five days at WWDC

Five days at WWDC logomacitynet1200wide 1

Five days to go before the WorldWide Developer Conference 2001, Apple's annual developer meeting held May 21-25 at the San Jose Convention Center (California). Apple CEO Steve Jobs will open this meeting year. Over the course of the five days, dozens and dozens of sessions (more than 160) are scheduled, all of which are quite interesting and which will cover topics such as Mac OS X, Darwin, Java, QuickTime, WebObjects and more. Among the topics covered in depth, we highlight: – Optimizing applications for multiprocessor machines with Mac OS X; – Exploiting Quartz in applications with detailed explanations of the Quartz architecture, its APIs and explanations on how to integrate PDF into your applications; – Increase the potential of Mac OS X with customized versions of BSD 4.4 and port BSD-based applications to Mac OS X; – Apple's plans for Java under Mac OS X, including the runtime environment for Java, the HotSpot Client VM , Java development tools and shared libraries; – The use of the Project Builder to develop Carbon, Cocoa, Java applications and frameworks as well as device drivers and other system components. among other things, the third beta version of Mac OS X Server 10.0, the server-oriented operating system that combines the functionality of AppleShare IP (ASIP) with OS X, could also be presented, among other things: administration tools (ASIP-mail, DNS, etc.) comfortably managed with the new Apple operating system user interface, the QuickTIme Streaming Server and extended web services such as Java Servlet and PHP, web-based authoring, a versioning tool (WebDAV), services for IP filters and a new version of NetBoot Desktop Administration. (Edited by Newton)

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