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First trailer of Ultra Kid for iPhone

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First trailer of Ultra Kid for iPhone –

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The Crescent Moon Games development team, which has already created Ravensword, in the past weeks has unexpectedly announced Ultra Kid: Mystery of the Mutants, an ambitious game intended to see light on the iPhone and iPod Touch. After a couple of months, the silence surrounding the game was again interrupted thanks to the diffusion of the first official trailer on the TouchArcade pages. It is a promising 3D action platform that, according to the developers, draws strong inspiration from games like MegaMan and Super Mario Galaxy and Kid Icarus.

From the movie you can see some of the distinctive features of the title, with continuous changes of perspective, platform sessions, puzzles and shootings; there will even be some moments in which to pilot your own spaceship to make your way between the planets and the stars. Ultra Kid still far from the release but, although a precise date is not known, the developers hope to publish it within the next autumn.

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