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First impressions with the Apple iPad Mini

First impressions with the Apple iPad Mini


Here are my impressions of the Apple iPad Mini, quickly tested at the Apple Store in Desenzano, at the Leone di Lonato

For the first time in my life this afternoon I entered an Apple Store.

Until now I had walked around various supermarkets selling Apple products and among these there was also a store inside which there was a mini Apple Store, not even remotely comparable to the official Apple store.

Today, however, for the first time I felt the emotion of an Apple Store. And when I talk about emotion, I don't exaggerate. Inside the store you can really breathe a different air: available, happy salespeople (at least this is the impression they give) to help and advise you, always ready and available in case of doubts, questions or problems.

The products are displayed flawlessly: as soon as I entered I felt like buying everything, too bad that my wallet was of a different opinion.

The Apple Store is truly a world of its own, which I'd call it almost magical. I could have spent 24 hours inside without interruption without getting tired, but my girlfriend managed to bring me back down to earth.

In addition to the iPhone 5, which I tried thoroughly at home thanks to a friend who bought it, at the Apple Store I had the opportunity to try the new ones iPad Mini, the new iPod Touch and the new iPod in general.

Below I propose my impressions on iPad Mini. Obviously NOT a review, but only the first impressions for a product that I tried quickly for about 15 minutes inside the Apple Store.

PREMISE: for those who do not read YourLifeUpdated, I would like to remember that I currently own a Galaxy S 3, but before I had 3 iPhones (3GS, 4 and 4S), iPad 1 and iPad 2, iPod Touch, and an avalanche of Android smartphones and tablets. I'm not an Android or Apple fanboy, I just like technology and I like to try the various products that come on the market. With that said, let's get first impressions of this Apple iPad Mini.

At the time of its presentation I was very disappointed: old processor, little RAM, non-Retina display, very high price. I mean, I didn't even want to try it, I assumed I wouldn't like it. With the Nexus 7 at 199, then, I had no doubts: my next tablet would have been that of Asus and Google.

After trying iPad Mini, however, my opinion changed.

First of all, I break a spear in favor of the display: true, not Retina, but what do I care? You can still see very well, very sensitive and responsive and the pixels are only seen going very close to the display. In short, it will not be Retina and will be slightly less defined than that of the Nexus 7 (however, the difference between the two displays is noticeable), but wider and allows you to surf the internet better (more space available) and to read books and newspapers more comfortably. The colors seemed good to me, clearly lower than those of an AMOLED and less deep than those of the Nexus 7, but still good. I would like to point out that the display is truly a magnet for fingerprints: you will have to clean it every 2 seconds, otherwise you risk not seeing what you click anymore. In general, however, the display is not as bad as many say: the pixels are less evident than on iPad 2 and during normal use they are NOT noticed, unless you hold the tablet 5 cm from the face, becoming blind in 5 minutes.

In terms of performance, even with games, the Apple tablet is a splinter: always. Never a click, never a block, never a jam. It's true, the Nexus 7 has more powerful hardware and costs less, but iOS is a lighter operating system, which requires less system resources. Even with the heaviest games, I have not noticed jerks or blocks. Just to make a comparison, on the Nexus 7 the new Need For Speed ​​Most Wanted occasionally snaps (and we are talking about a Quad Core Tegra 3 with 1GB of RAM). I opened several programs, I closed them quickly and I didn't notice any blockages or jamming. The hardware is absolutely interesting, despite being old by current standards.

In terms of weight and size, I loved the iPad Mini. Very light (more than Nexus 7), and made with significantly better materials. No plastic, but fine materials and resistant to the touch. A definitely classy device, which in part (and only in part) justifies the increased cost compared to the Nexus 7 for example. The almost 8-inch display gives the tablet a square shape, which I still appreciated both vertically and horizontally. If you want to hold the tablet with one hand, undoubtedly the most comfortable Nexus 7, being tighter. The usual Apple design, very elegant and "precious".

I can't say anything about the battery obviously, since he was constantly in charge. Same goes for camera and camcorder: the reviews speak very well, but I only saw photos and videos on the iPad display, for an in-depth comment I should see them on an HD monitor.

These are my impressions for the moment. After trying it, I decided to buy it. I wait for the iPad Mini Jailbreak to be released, then I will buy it. It is an excellent product: light, fast, reactive, compact and beautiful. It costs expensive, too expensive, compared to what it offers and compared to the competition. For this I will buy it used. For undoubtedly iPad Mini a great product and, apart from the non-Retina display, which however is not a problem, I have not noticed other problems.

iPad Mini really an interesting product, which struck me as soon as I got to try it. As I said, I had already decided to buy the Nexus 7, but after quickly testing the iPad Mini I changed my mind.

But what do you think of the iPad Mini? Have you tried it? Did you buy it? Let me know!

I obviously reserve the right to make a thorough and detailed review of the device as soon as I have it in my hands calmly.

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