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FireWire tries to break into networks

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DevCon 1394, the worldwide meeting of developers of FireWire producers, which closed at the end of last week, was not only an opportunity to take stock of the technology and its future developments, but also an important moment during which they were shown the most recent implementations of the standard.

Among the most important news, as we learn in a press release, there was the demonstration of a wireless version of 1394 presented by Philips and FireMedia. We have also seen systems and tools that anticipate the release of 1394b, which should provide access speeds of up to 800 Mbps.

Also interesting are the first speakers capable of transmitting audio via Firewire and part of the Hybrid Home Network designed by Microsoft; FireMedia illustrated a wireless FireWire network that streams video at more than 30 frames per second over 50 meters away.

Apple has brought its new iMac and iPhoto with the new Nikon DI camera

BridgeCo demonstrated its MD1000 1394 A / V processors for streaming audio and video on 1394.

DapDesign has introduced an analyzer for 1394b with ports that automatically switch from 1394a to 1394b.

Mitsubishi and Texas Instruments presented a 1394 digital television connected to an always digital VHS video recorder with a FireWire cable which was the connection between the two devices.

Philips was the protagonist of a demonstration of the first wireless Firewire network with the distribution of digital content for a home network

Fujitsu Devices, Molex, Lumberg and Newnex finally showed some of their devices and cables for FireWire.