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FireWire 2 only in September?

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Apple may be forced to present new G4s without FireWire 2 at Macworld in New York. The online magazine NewsFactor said, citing some statements by the head of the IEEE 1394 association, James Snider.

According to Snider, the processors necessary to implement the second version of FireWire, capable of speeds of up to 800 Mbps and reach the distance of 100 meters on normal cables, will not be available as soon as possible by the end of summer, a few weeks after the keynote. therefore in July. Which means that the rumored revision of the standard will not be able to see the light until around September, perhaps on the occasion of the Seybold in San Francisco.

It should not be forgotten that Apple has made some moves in the Firewire market over the past few weeks whose consequences and implications are not yet known in detail. For example, remember that Cupertino has incorporated Zyante, which produces processors and firmware software for FireWire. The aim may be to speed up the development of the IEEE 1394b chip.

Something more, surely, will be known at the end of June when the World FireWire developer conference is scheduled. In that context, certainly, IEEE 1394b will be one of the main topics of discussion and the state of its development and the possible release times of machines equipped with FireWire 2 predictable with less approximation.