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Fink reaches out to Jaguar

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Practically muted, without any fuss, the employees of the "Fink" project work. In fact, the news relating to the adaptation of the packages to the new X 10.2 framework is recent days

The relatively complex upgrade process, but on the reference site, are listed, step by step, the commands to be performed to update the packages already present on your computer. It is also suggested to dedicate a substantial amount of time to the operation: i times required to complete the entire update are measured in terms of hours, depending on the speed of your CPU, but still remain substantial.

For those who have no idea of ​​the possibilities offered by Fink, but are intrigued by the open-source soul hidden in OS X, we refer to the guidelines provided by our previous tutorial, observing that you will have to integrate that information with the most recent, appeared on the official Fink website.