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Find My Phone, here's how to set a password remotely on iPhone

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The new iPhone Os 3.1 introduces the possibility of remotely setting a password that locks iPhone using MobileMe. The news, mentioned in the list of operating system functions, is clearly explained by a new document published by Apple in the documentation of the online service.

The interesting password setting in different scenarios. One of these represented by the loss or theft of an iPhone that was decided to use without a password. By accessing from MobileMe you enter your user interface and from here to the settings of Find My Phone; here in addition to the ability to locate the location of the phone and to completely delete the content (appeared with iPhone Os 3.0), there is also that of setting the password. This prevents the use of the mobile phone and allows the use of remote cancellation only in extreme cases; for example when you know where the phone has been lost or forgotten and you want to secure it for a few minutes.

Among the other new features, also in Find My Phone, there is also the volume of the detection signal which is no longer connected to that of the phone, but always operates at maximum, the automatic synchronization of calendars subscribed in iCal, the fusion of bookmarks between device and those of MobileMe.

The document also lists some new features introduced in MobileMe with Snow Leopard: Mac Sync reduces the frequency of alerts of data changes, the alert threshold can be set in the appropriate preferences panel, iDisk has a warning and conflict resolution system sync files, QT movies can be published directly.

More information at this link.