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Finally Tinder also accepts transgender people

Many users reported and blocked only for their gender identity: the app invites you to communicate what happened and in the meantime provides new inclusion tools

More than twenty billion matches in 196 countries, the reputation of one of the most efficient dating apps ever: yet, Tinder had a problem. He had the limitation of not being able to represent the vast universe of gender identity, exposing those who did not fall within the only available options of "man" and "woman" to abuse, such as being reported and blocked. Not for harassing attitudes or policy violations, but only for transsexuals.

Finally, the dating app changes register, and it does so both through the app structure and through the training of its staff. Now, those who fill out their personal profile will be able to choose from several options that tell who. No longer just man and woman, but trans, trans man, trans woman, transgender. The user can equally choose which community he wants his profile to be shown to.

You can also choose whether to make the information public or not. Meanwhile, the company has made use of consultants who can help it make the platform increasingly inclusive: among themNick Adams is Alex Schmider of the GLAAD Media Transgender Program, and the director and trans attorney Andrea James.

Whoever it was victim of blockages and reports for his sexual identity, he can write [email protected] adding the link to his Facebook profile, so that the application team can assess the situation and readmit the user if wrongly excluded.

For now, the feature has been launched in the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada.


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