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Film phrases, quotes from 1600 films to put in your pocket

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Movie phrases, quotes from 1600 movies to put in your pocket –

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"When a man with a gun encounters a man with a gun, the man with a gun says that the man with the gun is a dead man"; "I'm seven … I'll be eight in two weeks … Don't count on it too much"; "My name is Wolf, I solve problems". These phrases, chosen at random and that we leave to your film culture to guess which film they are drawn from, are just a few of those that you can put in your pocket by purchasing Film Phrases, a new application released in the last few hours by Michele Ferretti.

The program serves, in fact, to sift through thousands of films (almost 1600) of all eras by finding 6100 citations that represent, depending on the cases shaved with humor ("I'm following an interesting case. I have two pairs of Siamese twins in analysis who they suffer from doubling of personalities. I am going to be paid by eight people at once ") to catchphrases that have entered the saying (" I hate the Nazis of Illinois), passing through bombastic proclamations that have marked the hardships of every age ( "I'm not here to protect Rambo from you, but you from Rambo" "alive or dead you will come with me" "he Conan the Cimmerian and don't cry, so I cry for him"). In the program there are glimpses of nonsense ("Wolf ulul and castle ulul" or "May the effort be with you") taken from old and new films and phrases from films that made history (the "Dear gorge, remember that no man a bankrupt if he has friends "of La Vita bellissima or the immortal" Tomorrow another day ") or who are in the imagination of middle-aged people (" And should we break the kidneys to Greece? With these four morons here? "). The vast range of samples ranges from cinepanettoni to comic films from the 70s to great masterpieces, including recent ones (the saga of the Lord of the Rings), including cartoons, minor or extremely popular works.

In this regard, we would like to point out the possibility of sending the phrases we like the most by email or SMS and to publish them on Facebook. Among the defects, which could be easily solved in a future update, we point out the lack of a search engine that would be very useful to search for some movie quote that escapes us or find some of them, and some typing errors of the text scattered here el accompanied by some incomplete or repeated quotation. Problems that in order not to make an application capable of fascinating cinephiles and simple onlookers of the subject or even those who want to amaze friends with some effective quotations.

Phrases film costs 79 cents and you can buy it from here.

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