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FIFA 15 1.2.2 cheats for iOS, iPhone, iPod, iPad

FIFA 15 1.2.2 cheats for iOS, iPhone, iPod, iPad


FIFA 15 cheats for iOS, iPhone, iPod and iPad. How to always score and make perfect shots. Cheats, cheats, FIFA 15iOS hacks

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FIFA 15iOS iPhone / iPad / iPod cheats: how to make perfect shots and always score inFIFA 15

Are you looking for i cheats for the FIFA 15iOS game? Do you want some tricks to make your life easier in the FIFA 15 game? Are you playing FIFA 15 and stuck in a certain level?

No problem, we are here to help you. Today we will see together many tricks for the game FIFA 15. Quickly and easily you can unlock many additional features in this game and increase the fun.

Enough with the chatter and let's start with the guide.

The tricks have been tested personally and work perfectly on iPhone, iPod and iPad. If they work for me, they work for you too. If you cannot activate them, it means that you are doing something wrong in the procedure.

IMPORTANT:in some games (especially those that also work online in multiplayer) by applying the tricks you risk the ban. I also remember that all the files linked here were not created by me, but I simply search for them on other foreign sites, I try and text them for you and if they work I share them.

Also, if this article of mine creates problems, remove it without problems, just contact me by email or leave a comment.

What version of the game are these tricks compatible with?

FIFA 15 1.2.2, which is the latest available.

What these tricks, cheats and hacks offer for the FIFA 15 game for iOS, iPhone, iPod and iPad

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  • always score inFIFA 15
  • perfect shots in FIFA 15

In detail, here's what these tricks allow you to do:

Do you need to jailbreak to use these tricks for FIFA 15?

No, you don't need to jailbreak.

Instructions for activating inFIFA 15 cheats, cheats and hacks

We recommend following the steps on MAC or PC and not on phone / tablet.

IMPORTANT: do everything at your own risk. The procedure has been tested by me, but if something goes wrong on your devices I DO NOT take any responsibility.

  • Connect iPhone, iPod, iPad to PC / Mac with a special cable
  • Go to the FIFA 15 .app folder with iFunbox
  • Go to the .ini folder of FIFA 15 with iFunbox
  • Go to the FIFA 15 .na folder with iFunbox
  • Open the Common.ini file with a text editor
  • Change the value of Force_Ideal_Shot and GK_Force_Miss by setting the value "1"
  • end

Now, every time you make a shot on goal in FIFA 15, the goalkeeper will not be able to save and you will always score. This way you can win all matches in FIFA 15 and always score goals. Here's how to easily win inFIFA 15. To remove the trick, repeat the same procedure by restoring the value that was in place of "1".

I just have to wish you a lot of fun.

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