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Few iPhones in all the US

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Few iPhones in all the US logomacitynet1200wide 1

The scarcity of iPhones reported by our and other sites in Apple's American stores appears to be a large-scale problem. In fact, iPhone supply problems are present in all the United States, both in the smaller stores and in the main Apple outlets in large cities. Information in this sense comes from various American sites such as AppleInsider which claims to have contacted several points sale receiving the same answer: 'iPhones are sold out' or, alternatively, 'iPhones are available in very limited numbers'.

Some Macity readers have personally experienced the scarcity of the iPhone returning from the US without the phone they wanted to buy; others who live in the US, such as in Miami, tell us that local shops (such as the popular one on Lincoln Road, the main shopping street in Miami Beach) do not have a telephone.

The reason for these problems is unknown. Someone went so far as to speculate that Apple is about to launch a new model on the market and that for this reason it has freed the warehouses of the old models, but the thesis seems rather unlikely because it would make much more sense for Apple, even in view of a new model , to maintain the production of the Edge version to offer it at a lower cost and to attack new market segments.

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