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Featured DVD at Tokyo's Ceatec

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Ceatec in Tokyo, a review that presents the latest news in the field of products for the digital field, in the DVD sector has proposed several interesting products, some of which may also have a future on the Mac.

In particular, it has struck the interest of some Japanese sites that deal with Apple, a super-thin version of the SuperDrive produced by Pioneer and used in Macs. A newly developed mechanism, but similar to that of the Cd-RW Slot sloading, could disclose the ports in the not-too-distant future to a front-loading DVD-RW. Obviously the reader would have an obligatory final destination, the new Titanium and iBooks.

At the moment, however, it appears more likely that the slot loading version may be preceded by a normal drawer version.

Pioneer itself showed the first examples of the drive at speeds of 2x / 2x / 8x for the DVD-RW section and 16x / 10X24X for the CD-RW section.

On the other hand, the desktop field is interested in a SuperDrive with writing speed increased to 4x which also provides relevant and decidedly competitive performance also for the other functions: 4x / 2x / 12x for DVD-RW and 16x / 10x / 40x for CD -RW.

In the meantime, the efforts that some companies are making to overcome the difficulties posed by the dual format (DVD-RW and DVD + RW), which significantly marks the path of DVDs, should be noted.

After Sony

NEC also presented a DVD burner capable of writing in both DVD-RW and DVD + RW and in the latter format also in 4x format.

The news, reported by some American sites, that Apple would start to mount on some models of the economic range of its Macs (such as eMacs) drives not only Pioneer has given space to the hypothesis that in the future Macs may be able to also use the DVD + RW standard.

In reality, at first glance, this thesis does not appear to be founded both for Apple's membership in the DVD Forum only (which supports the DVD-RW) and for the confusion that would arise in users of the machine struggling with standards that are not compatible between of them and who still need software that can support the various ways of writing DVD + RW.