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FBMessengerUnseen, to hide the reading of Facebook messages from iPhone and iPad | …


We hide reading messages on Facebook with a tweak | Cydia

You want to make sure that no one knows when and if you read a private message on Facebook?

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<p style=Do you want to prevent the Facebook application from showing your friends the reading time of their message? Here is the tweak that's right for you!

FBMessengerUnseen a new tweak, available for free on Cydia, which allows you to block the confirmation of the display of a specific message on Facebook.

Surely, in fact, you will have noticed that for some time Facebook, when you send or receive a private message, it also shows the time when the message was read. In this way, when you send a message you can always know if and when it was read, but, at the same time, even those who send you a message will always know if and when you read it.

If you want to disable this function, here's the tweak that's right for you. So if you too are annoyed that Facebook always shows the reading time of individual messages, you must install the tweakFBMessengerUnseen on your iPhone.

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<p style=To avoid letting others know when we read a message on Facebook Some desktop solutions already exist, but if we use an iOS device such as iPhone, iPod or iPad, until now there has been no way to avoid letting others know. Here, however, that with FBMessengerUnseen comes the definitive solution for everyone.

The tweak available today on Cydia is calledFBMessengerUnseenand once installed, all we have to do is continue to communicate with our friends as we have always done. The tweak, which requires no configuration, will always remain active automatically. Comfortable, isn't it?

Note, however, that at the moment FBMessengerUnseenit only works with the applicationMessengeris not with the official Facebook application. However, we hope that the support for the official Facebook app will be extended soon.

Another precaution to take is that of do not touch the keyboard when we read a messageotherwise your friends will still know that you have read the message (the message "Read at" does not appear, but the typing symbol will remain fixed).

However, FBMessengerUnseen is a great tweak that I highly recommend you try on your iPhone, iPad and iPod.

FBMessengerUnseen available for free onCydiain the repo ofModMyI.

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