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Fastweb Alice WiFi Recovery: recover the modem password in a few …

Fastweb Alice WiFi Recovery: recover the modem password in a few ...

A problem that unites all those who are just starting out with an Android smartphone is certainly the connection through a Wi-Fi modem at home. In order to prevent intrusions from third parties, these devices are in fact equipped with an encryption key provided only to the consumer who has subscribed to a subscription, who can use it at his discretion to connect any terminal that wants to interface with the web. Once pre-installed for, it often happens over time to forget the content, so here in support of our Android smartphones and tablets it comes into play Fastweb Alice WiFi Recovery.

As can be easily understood from the title of the same, this application was created in order to find the default pre-installed passwords on the Alice and Fastweb modems.

Once downloaded from Google Play Store (via the link that we will provide you at the end of the article) you just need to start it to get a list of Wi-Fi networks perceived by our smartphone, selecting the one relating to the modem of our house, we will then obtain the series of letters and numbers to be included in the network search. With a simple click, we can finally copy it and fill in the required field without too many problems. In a few minutes we will be ready to try the best internet browsers for Android.

Thanks to a minimalist interface and essential operation, Fastweb Alice WiFi Recovery does not need further explanations of use, on the contrary, it can prove to be an excellent support tool for recover the lost password.

Obviously, the operation of theapplication specific only for Alice and Fastweb modems with an encryption key that has not been changed by the user himself. Given its nature, we also recommend a purely personal use, we ourselves invite you to make a normal use of it as violating the passwords of the modems of others constitutes a crime and can be prosecuted criminally. It is therefore right to set a good example of technology in support of the user and not suitable for violating third party privacy from which this simple and small guide wants to detach himself well.

For those who are not customers of the aforementioned telephone companies and consequently do not find useful feedback as just mentioned, we report on the Android Market the presence of different applications with almost similar characteristics. We at Caotic wanted to give space to Fastweb Alice WiFi Recovery as, according to user comments and their 4.1 star rating, it turns out to be one of the best currently available, also offered in formula totally Free. Below is the download link:

(App) primiprog.waw & feature = search_result #? T = W251bGwsMSwxLDEsInByaW1pcHJvZy53YXciXQ .. (/ app)

We also remind you that this guide has been created for illustrative purposes only, as a result neither we nor the site itself accept any responsibility in the event of incorrect use of the same.

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