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Farewell to Kaleidoscope

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Farewell to Kaleidoscope. The popular utility that can radically change the operating system interface will no longer be updated, the creators Greg Landweber and Arlo Rose announce with a message posted on the Rose website. ?Kaleidoscope – say the two programmers – will continue to be supported on the systems that run the classic operating system, so we encourage users to download and register the program. We will not, however, get to work on a version for MacOs X ?According to Landweber and Rose, although it would theoretically be possible to write a version for the new operating system, this would require a complete rewrite. "It is a low-level hack – reads a note – and unlike the applications that can be charred in our case we should rebuild all the code to zero". Kaleidoscope one of the most popular utilities among those in circulation for MacOs Classic . Thanks to its ability to import schemes, a real community of users and programmers has been created that exchange experiences and information. A contest had also been launched some time ago, but Apple has never done much, especially lately, to facilitate the spread of utilities capable of radically altering the operating system interface, indeed on some occasions it has even tried to make difficult to adopt a human interface other than that provided by its engineers by deleting from the operating system the options that allowed to implement this option natively.

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