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Fantasy football shopping tips: help now comes from Google

shopping tips fantasy football google assistant

Google Assistant launches an Action dedicated to Fantasy Football in which it will be possible to ask for formations and statistics over numerous general info on the series A

Buying tips Fantacalcio more and more digital thanks to Google's assistant. If you have doubts about the 2019 auction and you need to have certainty to spend your "fanta euro" to help you there will be the Big G voice assistant. The news comes directly from the official Mountain View company blog: "With the new football season comes the Fantasy Action on the Google Assistant, ready to help you on smartphones and on all Google smart speakers ".

shopping tips fantasy football google assistant

What can the Action do for Fantacalcio shopping tips?

Making an impeccable Fantasy Fantasy auction has become a real skill that many boast. Being able to be strategic and understand how to best build your own pink fulcrum of many arguments. And how it can help the Action for Fantacalcio shopping tips?

Start simple, just one Ok Google, talk to Fantacalcio.If you need help during the auction, you can ask the Google Assistant a player's statistics, both for the past and for the current season, its listing, up to tips to evaluate a pair of extreme defenders based on the "Grid goalkeepers". Action developed in collaboration between and Google will also guide you in thecreation of your Leagueand setting all the options. For advice on buying Fantacalcio, as detailed in the support page,will be especially possible:

  • get advice on the best crossings to buy at the auction ("Ask Fantacalcio to suggest me a cross");
  • quickly consult the statistics of the individual players, including the quotations ("Ask Fantacalcio for Icardi statistics");
  • get suggestions on nice names to give to your fantasquadra ("What name can I give to my team?");
  • stay up to date with the most important news on teams and players ("Ask Fantacalcio for news on Juve");
  • to know in advance the probable formations ("Ask Fantacalcio the probable formation of Milan") and the chances of game of the single player ("Ask Fantacalcio with what probability I will play Ilicic");
  • to know how much time is left to the delivery of the next formation ("Ask Fantacalcio how much is missing to the delivery of the formation");
  • ask for information on Fantacalcio regulations ("Ask Fantacalcio what the live votes are");
  • discover aphorisms and funny phrases on Fantacalcio ("Ask Fantacalcio an aphorism").

The Google Assistant can be used for Fantacalcio shopping tips on all Android smartphones with operating system 5.0 or later and via iOS by downloading the dedicated app and also on all compatible smart speakers. The Google Assistant is present on all of them the smart speakers from Google and on Android smartphones: Google Home, Google Home Mini and Nest Hub. You can also access the Google Assistant via smartphone. On Android (operating system 5.0 or later), you will just need to hold down the Home button on your smartphone or say the Ok Google command followed by your question. On iOS, you can download free at this link.