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False reviews, Schiller expels a developer from the App Store

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False reviews cost a developer the call from the App Store. To be affected Molinker, a reality that has not only been very prolific in the creation of applications (almost a thousand in the field of photography and travel) but also very wise in the sale of the free codes valid on the American store, granted only to diligent and punctual customers '(or perhaps even a single customer) whose purpose was to put online only positive impressions. A normal Apple store customer discovered the low-profile trick; to defeat him thought, however, nothing less than Phil Schiller. The story was brought to light by the iPhoneography website thanks to contacts with SCW, the user who promoted the entire action.

SCW had noticed five-star reviews appearing on the pages where Molinker applications were located, all made by the same users, if not by a single user, who used the same style and included the same text. The same reviewers were distinguished by a marked interest only in Molinker programs since their judgments did not appear in any other application. Among the noteworthy elements is also the fact that the only reviews that appeared real and written with syntactic and grammatical form, gave a very different judgment from the totally and unconditionally positive one of those that appeared in some way connected to the same accounts.

SCW with the help of iPhoneography sent a message to Phil Schiller who immediately took charge of the affair, arranging, after the appropriate checks, the removal of the applications and the suspension of the Molinker developer account.

The publication of domesticated reviews is a fact to be considered very serious in the context of the App Store system; different users of the shop base, at least to a large extent, the purchase assessments on the impressions that are reported by other customers who have bought the same application. The use of fake customers, friends or even hired by the developer, to post dozens of positive impressions by making use of the free codes that can significantly affect the average of the stars and consequently also on the visibility and the number of purchases.