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Facebook surpasses Apple: agreement with Plessey for augmented reality viewers

Facebook supera Apple: accordo con Plessey per i visori di realtà aumentata

Apple continues to invest in hardware and software technologies for augmented reality viewers: in this perspective it seems to have recently been interested in the acquisition of Plessey, a British multinational company that also produces micro LED displays intended for augmented reality viewers and glasses.

It is not known if the negotiations between Apple Plessey were unsuccessful or if the multinational of Cupertino instead opted for a different plan, in any case the British manufacturer has already signed a supply agreement with Facebook. The giant of social networks led by Mark Zuckerberg thus ensures the entire production of Plessey for screens intended for devices for augmented reality.

A Facebook spokesman confirmed the agreement, stating that the screens will be used for augmented reality glasses, devices with a new, less invasive form factor, which will allow users who wear it to be more present with friends, family and even with the world that uses them. surrounds.

Facebook surpasses Apple: agreement with Plessey for augmented reality viewers

Cupertino's previous interest, indicated by people aware of the operations, and the agreement signed between Facebook and Plessey, reported by The Information, leads some observers to hypothesize a new important advantage of the social giant in the field of AR viewers compared to Apple. In any case, it should be noted that in the Facebook declarations themselves, the company indicates that the arrival of this device may still take years.

For several years now, Apple has invested heavily in augmented reality technologies. In addition to numerous patents for AR, VR and mixed reality viewers, Cupertino offers developers the ARKit and RealityKit development systems, tools for creating AR and VR content such as Reality Composer and Reality Converter. The latest news in this sense is the new LiDAR sensor to detect distance and depth of everything that surrounds the user integrated in the new iPad Pro 2020 range.

Previously, Apple was expected to launch its first AR viewer later this year, but later the arrival was scheduled for 2021 or 2022. All macitynet articles that talk about Apple and Facebook are available at their respective links. All macitynet articles that talk about augmented reality are available from this page.