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Facebook Safety Check, Mark's response to the Nepal earthquake (and much more)

Facebook Safety Check was announced in these hours directly by Mark Zuckerberg, to help those affected by the earthquake in Nepal.

Safety Check was announced in these hours directly by Mark Zuckerberg, to help those affected by the earthquake in Nepal to verify that their loved ones are well.How does it work? If a person is in the area of ??a disaster (an earthquake, a flood, a tsunami), Facebook sends a message, a "Safety Check" precisely, asking you to be in the area where there was an earthquake, are you okay ?. To this message, with a single click, you can answer S, I'm fine, so the information appears in your Facebook status (only for friends): I'm in the disaster, but I'm fine. All relatives and friends they visit the FB profile of the person and therefore see that their loved one is safe. This is a brilliant Facebook feature, which combines micro and macro: the great natural disasters with the infinite small communities of friends who live in the social network. It combines geo-location with affects and then responds clearly to a habit that we all have already. If something happens in the area where our relative or friend lives, what do we do? The first thing to go to see on Facebook if you can understand how it is, if involved, even before calling it or sending a message. Safety Check does what many people already do, use FB to check if someone was involved in a disaster , like an earthquake. The function can have important applications and it does a precious thing: it calms relatives, friends, parents of those near and a dramatic event and this has enormous value, shows that social networks can really be useful and not just as passatempi.It combines the most advanced technologies (from geo-localization to push notifications) to respond to a need of the heart: knowing how is that person to whom I hold. Safety Check also takes you back in time, brings the Internet back to its roots, when it is still he calls Arpanet and had to serve to maintain communications even in the event of a disaster such as nuclear war.

The tool was developed starting from what Facebook engineers did in 2011 in Japan, following the Tsunami and the subsequent explosion of nuclear power plants. 400 thousand people have been evacuated and FB Japanese developers have created Disaster Message Board, a bulletin board where people could meet and tell if they were safe. From that experience born Safety Check.The tool, when a big disaster occurs, to determine if you can be involved, check the city where you live (as indicated in the profile), the recent places where you checked in and the area from which you are accessing the Internet. For those who still thought that social media was just a game, or a little more, it has another good reason to think again.

Thanks to Carlotta Silvestrini for reporting the news to me and for making me think.Facebook Safty Check