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Facebook, Poke and Camera removed from iTunes

Facebook, Poke and Camera removed from iTunes

Spring cleaning at Menlo Park: closed two of the first apps launched by Facebook, perhaps to make room for new initiatives dedicated to smartphones

(Photo: Maurizio Pesce / Wired)(Photo: Maurizio Pesce / Wired)

Facebook has removed two of its independent mobile applications, Poke and Camera, reorganizing its offer and leaving room for new and interesting additions.Poke, launched in December 2012, one function rather vintage for Facebook users, who have been able to renew themselves over time, becoming a simple alert to tool to send short messages, images and videos available for ten seconds before disappearing forever. A very familiar dynamic, which strongly resembles its rival Snapchat, app launched at the end of 2011, increasingly used among young people in the USA (700 million photos and videos shared on a daily basis) and unnecessarily tempted to buy from Facebook.

After the acquisition of Instagram, the famous app to edit and share photos and videos, and WhatsApp, leader in mobile instant messaging, this restructuring opens the door to very intriguing scenarios: with the launch of Creative Labs, the division desired by Mark Zuckerberg for the development of new mobile applications, we expect great things, even because the injury happened with the launch of Paper – the mobile news and content aggregator – has demonstrated all their great potential.


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