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Facebook on Windows Phone may no longer work

The minimum requirements for the functioning of Facebook and Messenger have changed: on many mid-range smartphones they will no longer be able to be used

(Photo: Lorenzo Longhitano)(Photo: Lorenzo Longhitano)

That the Windows platform on smartphones is not doing very well is not a mystery: the adoption of the Redmond operating system in the last few months has experienced a significant decline, the new devices are becoming less and less and those that arrive on the market are intended for professionals and companies. The definitive incentive to abandon the Microsoft operating system for could come from a company that has nothing to do with the production of smartphones, namely Facebook. In fact, in the latest update of its app, the social network of Menlo Park raised the minimum system requirements for correct operation from 1 GB to 2 GB of RAM.

(Photo: Lorenzo Longhitano)(Photo: Lorenzo Longhitano)

Raising requirements for now it seems to be only nominal: appears in the description of the app, but does not prevent it from being installed, but in the future it may become effective, even for the Messenger messaging app. The reasons are easy to guess: between automatic playback videos, stickers, group chats and video calls, the two platforms require more and more computing capacity, and moreover even on Android devices with a single GB of RAM on board are now struggling to stay behind the requests of the most common apps; many view the move simply as an attempt to mask Facebook's poor efforts to write a decent version of its Windows apps.

Anyhow,transform the recommendation into a requirementWindows Mobile users who remained loyal to the Microsoft world, fans of the Nokia brand (later Lumia) who in majority and also recently have preferred low-end smartphones with only one GB of memory on board risk to permanently flee to other shores.


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