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Facebook Live now reaches up to 4 hours and in full screen, FB aims to TV

Video on the screen up to 4 hours long: the social network gives a nod to a fruition mode very similar to that used by TV.

The livestreaming Facebook Live supporter platform will not only be available soon full screen transmissions, but also the new video-only mode (video only) which will allow you to hide comments and reactions while watching. Facebook will allow broadcasts last up to four hours, exactly twice the limit we were used to, set at two. The social network gives a nod to a way of using videos that is very similar to that used by TV.

Full screen videos have been welcomed as a positive improvement for broadcasters and viewers, and in a nutshell, the moment you watch the video you are interested in from your smartphone, you will no longer have to do it with the comment box in plain sight, locked l below.

The update will add support for full-screen videos in landscape and portrait mode on iOS and only portrait on Android, although Facebook spokesmen anticipate that landscape mode for Android will be released later this year.

Similarly, video-only mode will allow users to watch video streams in real time while comments and reactions appearing on top of the content will be hidden. Broadcasters and viewers can thus activate or deactivate the different mode, scrolling to the left or right while recording or watching the video.

Facebook live streaming full screen tv

Through this new version of Facebook Live, Facebook seems to want to push its way through new possibilities, exploiting its potential to the best of which the media comes first and the social aspect takes a back seat. You will no longer be inundated with hundreds of comments, opinions and personal outbursts.

Facebook thus begins to take on the appearance of a full screen experience, very similar to conventional television. The social network aims to expand, presenting itself as if it were a TV in which to zap. Furthermore, the importance of Live should not be forgotten, at a time when the actuality puts us in front of even frightening events, whose modalities are often outlined only through reconstruction by means of amateur videos. Each transmission can become a mini cable TV, thanks to the videos with longer duration and easier viewing.