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Facebook Kit: chat on Apple Watch with the closest contact

Facebook Kit: chat on Apple Watch with the closest contact

Kit, acronym for Keep In Touch, is the first smartwatch app launched by NPE Team, Facebook's internal incubator of ideas. It is basically aFacebook Messenger-based messaging app – an alternate client, so to speak – optimized for small screens Apple Watch (the app is currently only available to them).

Based on gestures and optimizing the interface, Kit allows you to send different types of content with a single tap: supported voice messages, hand drawings, emojis, position sharing and text messages using voice commands. Notification management is supported, which can also be read by the device and which can be answered.

There is already an official Facebook Messenger client for Apple Watch: the difference is that Kit is primarily meant to stay in touch with only one person at a time – your partner, relative or roommate, for example. In some ways we can identify it as complementary to Tuned, a "private social for couples" always launched by NPE Team. Initially the app shows a QR code to be scanned with the smartphone, you log in to Facebook with your credentials and then choose the contact to associate with the Kit.

NPE has developed several proposals in the past, but few have remained online for more than a few months. It is inevitable for a company based on the principle that it is not always possible to predict what will be successful and what will not. In any case, the download link is under SOURCE, but at the moment it seems available only in Canada.