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Facebook Jobs in Italy: threat for LinkedIn?

facebook jobs

The new tool arrives in Italy: even on Facebook it will be possible to search for open positions and apply for jobs offered by companies on the social network.

Facebook's latest move could shake Microsoft and its social network dedicated to LinkedIn work: arrived in Italy Facebook Jobs, the tool to find work on the Zuckerberg platform.

facebook jobs

A billion dollars invested by the Menlo Park company for the development of new technologies, software and for the recruitment of new specialized personnel: in the last maneuver on the jewel of Mark there is also the expansion of the famous tool in others 40 countries.

Italy is also among the lucky 40: after the launch last year in Canada and the United States, the time has come to expand the possibilities of job search function on Facebook, since almost 1 in 4 in the USA claims to have searched or found a job through the appropriate tool.

Facebook Jobs: so

A new feature that adds to the many existing and offered by Facebook, in the graphic layout of a new tab dedicated to work, and that will allow the user to search among the ads of companies that have open positions. of employment, the simple to use function e Free: just open your Facebook account and go to the appropriate section, you can choose lgeographic area of interest and to examine all the possibilities of the moment.

From the opposite side, the over 70 million companies active on Facebook will be able to meet the job application by publishing their ads in different ways:

  • On your own Facebook page;
  • Up Google Jobs;
  • On the Marketplace of Facebook;
  • Through ads targeted.

For this last option, it is more effective and allows to reach directly the most suitable aspirants, necessary buy the ads which will be displayed in the users' news feed.

LinkedIn at sunset?

The comparison with the professional social network par excellence is natural, but really the new Facebook function will be able to undermine a solid structure like that of LinkedIn? According to Gaurav Dosi, Facebook product manager, Jobs an alternative for those looking for work which does not necessarily require a high level of specialization: it will also be possible to find announcements for waiters, cashiers and shop assistants. Furthermore, Facebook Jobs appears to be simpler and more immediate to use, relying on a powerful direct communication tool such as Messenger.

In particular, after choosing to apply for a position, job seekers will only have to press a few buttons to send the application to the company, which will happen directly in Messenger. At that point, all the details concerning the candidate's work experience will be sent to the company that published the announcement, which will have been entered by the same in the Facebook profile. privacy information relating to qualifications or work experience is set to Public; instead, all the activities and photos that we usually reserve for friends would be good to keep them private to avoid bad figures with the company on duty, and possibly compromise the candidacy.

Two different paths, in short, but who will have the best in the labor supply and demand market?