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Facebook blocked for a month in Papua New Guinea

facebook blocked for a month Papua new Guinea

Obscured for a month in Papua New Guinea: Facebook will be subjected to analysis to find and identify fake news authors and other cyber criminals.

The government of Papua New Guinea wants to implement a Facebook ban lasting one month, to analyze the network of the social network in search of false profiles and to defeat cybercrimes.

facebook blocked for a month Papua new Guinea

There seems to be no truce for Mark Zuckerberg and his social network, which after Cambridge Analytica, the complaint for non-compliance with the new GDPR and the new accusations of espionage of its users' phone calls, must face a total block in Papua New Guinea for a month .

The reasons for the darkening

Not the first time that Facebook is blocked and its use is prevented, but certainly the first time that it is a temporary ban due to necessary checks and with a very precise duration. In fact, to date Facebook cannot be used at cause of censorship in China, Iran and North Korea, but with a definitive block that prevents access.

The Minister of Telecommunications of Papua New Guinea wants to try this temporary experiment because he is worried about the incorrect use of the social network, for the question fake news and for those who enter pornographic material. Given that the same minister, Sam Basil, one of the proponents of a law of 2016 called Cyber ​​Crime Act, it is obvious that after the datagate it wants to contain the dangers deriving from the social network.

Specifically, it seems that during the month in which Facebook will be unusable, government analysts will search the social network in search of authors who produce fake news and profiles that introduce pornographic material on the platform, identifying them first, then punishing them and removing the fake material and profiles.

In this way, he says he is confident of using Facebook by real people, who will have a more informed approach with the social network.

The possibility of a local social network

Although according to some analysts on 8 million inhabitants in Papua New Guinea s10-12% of the population has internet access, the Basil experiment proves to be very interesting to clean up the Facebook ecosystem, but also to avoid manipulations by fake news authors. The limited time allowed for the required analyzes, which may need, is insufficient of a much longer time lapse.

In this regard, Basil has already announced that, if necessary, the Facebook block could be extended, even if it is ascertained that its use is harmful to the population, employees and children in particular. Furthermore, Basil opens up the possibility of a new social network: if the checks on Facebook do not reach satisfactory results, it could be considered the creating a local social network, although it is still not clear how the government will be able to manage the negative aspects that it has so much disputed in Facebook.

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