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Facebook and Instagram: the worst blackout of all time

Blackout Facebook and Instagram

Users of Instagram and Facebook around the world have not been able to access the platforms on Wednesday in one of the longest blackouts in the history of Facebook Inc.

Instagram announced that it was back online again in a tweet published overnight.

But even now there are no updates from his parent company, Facebook Inc., on the official situation and the causes of the misunderstanding. Mercoled, Facebook had reported that some users had difficulty accessing the Facebook app family, including Instagram. In a statement, a company spokesman said: we are working to solve the problem as soon as possible. Later the company confirmed that the problem was not related to a DDoS attack. The Facebook apps, which include WhatsApp, Instagram and Messenger, have been inaccessible to many people. According to DownDetector, Facebook was unattainable for many starting at 11:56 am ET. A map of live interruptions shows that Facebook users in the United States, Brazil, Colombia and the United Kingdom have been particularly affected.

Blackout Facebook and Instagram

At 10:32 PT, Facebook presented an official bug report who mentions a increased error rates. We are currently experiencing problems that may cause lengthening or failure of some API requests. We are examining the problem and working on a solution, the report states.

More than six hours after the first report concerning Instagram problems on Down Detector, the official account of Instagram on Twitter stated that the company team had remained to work to solve the problem as soon as possible.

Blackout Facebook and Instagram: probable internal problem

Facebook has not confirmed what is causing the interruptions; in a statement, a network intelligence company called ThousandEyes argued that the problem seems to be internal, rather than a network or internet problem, for example, we have seen internal errors on the Facebook server; given the vastness and the continuous changes that these web solution providers are constantly bringing to their applications and infrastructures, sometimes things break as a result of such changes, even when in the hands of extremely capable people, wrote the VP of product marketing of ThousandEyes, Alex Henthorn-Iwane.