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FaceApp, the app that changes selfies based on age and gender

How would we look when we are elderly? What if we were male instead of female? An app uses neural networks to edit images, trying to make them stay realistic

Better explained: once a photo has been chosen (it also works on others', as long as the face can be identified), FaceApp proposes "filters", explained through emojis: that of the baby, which rejuvenates the image, that of flame, which improves the appearance, that of the boy or girl, to choose if you want to see what the user would have if he was born male, or female. And so on.

"We have developed a new technology that uses neural networks to modify a face from any photo while keeping it realistic. For example, you can add a smile, change your gender and age or simply make yourself more attractive confirmed to TechCrunch the CEO Yaroslav Goncharov, who leads the team of Saint Petersburg (Russia) After applying the filter, the photo still your photo. The other apps intentionally change the image for fun, but it no longer looks like a real photo. "


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