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Face Unlock on Android Gingerbread smartphones with FaceLock

Face Unlock on Android Gingerbread smartphones with FaceLock

One of the main features that brought Ice Cream Sandwich to all its devices was the Face Unlock, which allows us to unlock the smartphone only after seeing our face. An application of the same type is now available for Android Gingerbread, is called FaceLock. Let's find out how it works …

With this application you can imitate the Face Unlock by ICS, and you don't even need to have a front camera. In fact, the app manages to work even with only the rear camera.

Once you have launched the application, you will find yourself in the main menu where you will have to tick "Enable FaceLock”To activate the function. Then you will need to press on the face that will be displayed to start taking the photos to be recorded. FaceLock recommends taking 7 photos of you from different angles and, if you want, even with different accessories on your face. In this way, the application will learn to recognize your face.

In addition, you can take a photo of friends so that they can access your smartphone if you wish. Like Ice Cream Sandwich's Face Unlock, you can set a second unlock mode in case the first doesn't work. You can enter a PIN by entering the item "Set password / PIN".

With FaceLock you can decide to block individual applications to preserve your personal information, or you can use it directly as a phone lock. The paid version available in the Play Store at 1.95. One is also available free version, for, with limited functionality.

(App) com.facelock4appspro (/ app)

(App) com.facelock4apps (/ app)

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