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Even iAd in the sights of the American anthrust

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Even iAd in the sights of the American anthust –

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The target of the US anti-trust is not only the complete blocking of Flash and Adobe programming tools, but also the new iAd advertising platform and the clauses that prevent programmers from transmitting iPhone data and information externally and to the user and Apple, to avoid the problems he may also decide to change some of the conditions of use. These are the new details that emerge on the preliminary investigations that the US anti-trust has initiated for the moment in an informal way on Apple, information reported by The Wall Street Journal which therefore confirms the advances released yesterday by the New York Post.

According to the financial newspaper, some competitors of Apple but also several programmers were alleged to have put in place the US anti-trust machine by starting the informal hearings of the FTC and the Department of Justice that are trying to understand whether the basis for a formal investigation exists.

The news compared to what reported by the Post in the fact that under the lens there is not only the contract that prevents you to use a compiler to create applications for iPhone and iPad, but also the iAd platform in connection with some bans imposed by Cupertino about transmissions of data outside the Apps. With the new license and the programming tools provided, the developers cannot read some statistical data by putting the whole system, and the user base of the Apps themselves, in Apple's hands, a choice that could prevent the use of third-party advertising platforms, thus benefiting the proprietary iAd solution.

According to David Balto, a former FTC officer interviewed by The Wall Street Journal Apple is adopting the same total closure strategies in the mobile world that Microsoft adopted in the 90s. Strategies that Cupertino condemned on more than one occasion and that led Redmond to the most famous anti-trust process in recent US history. The approach of other respondents to the financial newspaper, including Andrew Lacey, CEO of Tapulous, is completely different. According to the latter, the limitations and stringent requests of the new developer license have been inserted by Apple with the sole purpose of protecting users' privacy and personal data, a topic particularly felt in Cupertino.

In any case, according to the Wall Street Journal, Apple is evaluating the terms of the contract to adapt them to some of the grievances put forward by the developers. In this way Cupertino hopes to avoid the formal investigation after the informal one underway in these hours.

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