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Eve updates its App for Homekit and makes it easier to use Eve Aqua to irrigate the garden

Eve aggiorna la sua App per Homekit e rende più comodo l’uso di eve aqua per irrigare il giardino

If you have only used "Home" to date, give us a little thought: the Eve app for iPhone and iPad works with accessories compatible with HomeKit from both Eve System and third parties. Lapp offers an overview of everything that is going on in the connected home allowing you to quickly access your favorite scenes to control multiple accessories together.

With eve easy to create advanced scenes to control multiple accessories with a single command. Set timers to synchronize your home with your daily routine. Effective rules can be added to set scenes based on the accessory values ​​or location and let your home work automatically.

You can check with iPhone, iPad, or with the voice lights (also on Apple Watch), appliances, radiators and other related conveniences. Finally, it is possible to collect and graph data on temperature, air quality, humidity, energy consumption and more. Eve updates its App for Homekit and makes it easier to use eve aqua to water the garden

Eve in version 3.8, (available in Italian)introduces a new dark theme in line with iOS 13 but it already works on all devices with iOS 12.

Among the most recent devices of eve we report:

Eve Flare (tried on this page of

Smart portable LED lamp

  • Control the environment with Siri or with the app
  • Discover the preset colors or create your own
  • Create timer programs
  • 6 hours of lighting, wireless charging and IP65 water resistance
  • Automation and remote access with home hub

Eve Room (being tested on

It is an accessory for monitoring indoor air quality

  • Detects the air quality (VOC), temperature and humidity
  • View measurements directly on the high contrast e-ink display
  • Check past conditions based on hours, days, weeks, months and years
  • Built-in USB rechargeable battery lasting over 6 weeks
  • Automation and remote access with home hub

Finally Eve Aqua (being tested on

Intelligent water regulator

  • Activate the sprinkler via Siri, the app or the integrated button
  • It automatically turns it off
  • Create schedules
  • Monitor water consumption
  • Remote access via home hub (Apple TV, Homepod, iPad with iOS 11)

Eve updates its App for Homekit and makes it easier to use eve aqua to water the gardenThe 3.8 update of the App also includes support for the‘Latest Eve Aqua firmware for optimal garden maintenance during the summer season which now includes these new features:

  • There are up to 7 watering periods per day (instead of 4) for plants that need more accurate maintenance
  • Irrigation related to sunrise and sunset (since it makes more sense to irrigate in the absence of direct light and heat that would fry the lawn, it is possible to program the start of irrigation according to variable times so that the sunlight poses problems.
  • A practical suspension of programs via Scene has been added
  • There is also a suspension of programs based on rain forecasts, thanks to Siri's Quick Controls for smarter irrigation.

You can download the Eve app from this App Store page.

To find out all about Homekit and the available accessories, please refer to this section of CasaVerdeSmart and to the page on eve products.