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Eve Aqua by Elgato: irrigate your garden with HomeKit, also measuring consumption

Eve Aqua, il regolatore per l’acqua smart con supporto HomeKitè in preordine su Amazon

We had met Eve Aqua already in 2017, during the CES in Las Vegas. It is an accessory for the home, or rather for the garden, which aims to make your home smarter.

The Elgato device, compatible with Apple's HomeKit, connects to the taps and allows you to remotely control the flow of water, therefore ideal for gardens and irrigation. Eve Aqua is based on Bluetooth for connectivity and powered by an autonomous battery, so as not to need a power outlet, often difficult to find in gardens. The valve connects to the water supply by fitting over a flexible hose. In addition to being able to open and close remotely through the Apple Home app, you can also use it through Siri. Through integrated timer it is also possible to set the duration of the operation before closing the tap.

Eve Aqua, the smart water regulator with HomeKit support pre-ordered on Amazon

Eve Aqua attaches to a simple standard external tap, and IPX4 certified, therefore protected against splashing water. It is powered by two AA batteries that should offer a duration of several months. Aqua is based on Bluetooth Low Energy and not WiFi, so as to communicate with HomeKit.

The shutdown timer helps prevent floods and wastes of water in general, with the possibility of setting the opening and closing time range directly from the Apple Home app. What is important to note here is that the timer controlled by the unit itself; even if all iOS devices and HomeKit hubs go offline for some reason, the timer will still be able to work, and close the valve.

Eve Aqua, the smart water regulator with HomeKit support pre-ordered on Amazon

Obviously, automations can be configured with HomeKit so as to start the sprinklers in pre-established time frames, such as on weekends, or on other days as needed. Through the Eve app, moreover, it is possible to view additional information on the device including statistics on the amount of water used, so as to obtain an approximation on consumption.

Eve Aqua will be available in Italy from next June 25 at a price of 99.95 euros. Pre order from now on Amazon Italy.