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Eufy Smart Scale P1 review, the Smart scale evolves

Bozza automatica

eufy Smart Scale P1 the evolution of the BodySense scale that we had the opportunity to try a few years ago. The same materials were used in the construction but much smaller and capable of detecting some more vital parameters. We have tried in the past few days: here are our impressions.

Com done

This scale uses a square-shaped glass plate with rounded corners and, as we said, smaller than the previous version (28 x 28 centimeters against 30 x 30 of the BodySense).

The shoe size of the writer of a 42 and both feet cover the whole surface leaving just a slight margin: this probably also means that a foot of some larger size is likely to come out of the scale and lead to less precise measurements.

It is difficult to understand the reasons that led the company to seek this miniaturization, if not to make the scale less bulky and more adaptable to smaller environments at the expense of fewer people who will be able to use it.

The feet of the eufy Smart Scale P1 are made of rubber and ensure excellent adhesion on the floor, the bottom instead of satin plastic and in the center there is a drawer for the three AAA mini-stylus batteries (included in the package) that power the scale. The very large display, with a black background and white numbers that can be read easily even during the day in direct sunlight.

Thanks to a button on the back, it is possible to switch from reading in pounds to reading in kilograms, thus making it configurable and usable even without combining it with a smartphone.

How it works and what it does

Insert the batteries, just go over the scale and wait a few seconds, useful for the system to obtain a weight measurement. Another few seconds are needed for the scale to make another measurement by passing a slight current in the body, unnoticeable to the user but necessary to measure other parameters such as the percentage of lean mass and fat mass, of water in the body, bone and muscle mass, in addition to calculating BMI and BMR.

This function can be disabled through the combined application, thus allowing people with pacemakers and pregnant women to use the scale (obviously renouncing the second measurements to settle instead of that of body weight only).

Lapp EufyLife

As we said, the data is collected within the EufyLife app available for iPhone, iPad and Android, simply by connecting the scale via Bluetooth with the device on which the application is installed.

The first time you use it you will have to create an account and follow the pairing process of the device, which takes place in a few seconds and guided by the menu, also available in Italian. At the end, all subsequent measurements will be stored in the app and, if you allow access, also in the Apple Health app.

The user interface of the application is really minimal and intuitive, and puts at hand all the information collected by the scale inside an easy-to-read panel, complete with a history of all the measurements made.

The scale can hold the measurements of 20 people at the same time, therefore it can also work within extended families: each user will be recognized by the scale and will be able to keep a history of the various weighs, with all the information stored inside the device.

How are you

The scale, like the previous one, is immediate and really easy to use. As mentioned, the smartphone is not mandatory if you only want to measure your body weight, while pairing becomes necessary in case you want to read all the other information acquired during the second phase of the measurement, which overall lasts about 5 seconds.

With eufy Smart Scale P1, in a few seconds, you can actually measure:

  • weight
  • BMI (body mass index), useful for classifying the person as underweight, normal weight, overweight or obese
  • body fat present in the body, shown in percentage and in kg
  • muscle mass present in the body, shown in percentage and in kg
  • bone mass present in the body, shown in percentage and in kg
  • percentage of water present in the body (a correct amount helps to stimulate the metabolism)
  • BMR (basal metabolic rate), or the amount of energy used at rest during the day
  • visceral fat

In addition to these parameters, already calculated from the previous version, this new model can measure the level of proteins in the body (a low level can cause a weakening of the immune system, muscle weakness and anemia) and let, that is, able to establish let of the body (we thought it was 5 years younger, a pleasant satisfaction).

Eufy Smart Scale P1 review, the Smart scale evolves


eufy BodySense was, in our previous judgment, the best Smart scale that we had the opportunity to try in the editorial office. This new version maintains the primacy as it is made of the same excellent materials and continues to offer a well-conceived software, as well as an immediate use difficult to find in other products of this type. Too bad only for the size reduction.

If interested, buy it on Amazon for 59.99 euros.