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Eufy Lumos Smart Bulb review, the WiFi LED bulb that speaks with Amazon Alexa


For Italian consumers perhaps not the most appropriate solution of the moment, but the product that is still valid: Eufy Lumos Smart Bulb in fact an LED bulb that can be controlled directly from the smartphone thanks to the connection to the home WiFi network and as soon as Amazon Alexa will be available in the in our country it will be possible to manage the lighting also with the voice.

It offers very powerful lighting (60W equivalent) with a warm white light (2700K) and the intensity can be adjusted in a click, adapting it according to the atmosphere you want to create on the spot.

Com done

The bulb has the common E27 socket for the lamp holder and is slightly larger and heavier than a common one due to the integrated technology that requires more space for the components. The body made entirely of robust plastic of good quality and the portion that covers the head, spherical, satin and opaque: in this way, when turned on, the light does not dazzle.

First match

To make it work, just screw it to any lamp holder connected to the mains and turn on the switch to release the current. The lamp turns on instantly and at maximum brightness, making three flashes first. This signal shows that the lamp has not yet been combined with the home network.

To do this you need to download the Eufy Home app (iOS and Android) and follow the steps indicated by the app on the first start. Connecting it to the network is a matter of minutes and a process that will have to be carried out only once: even in the event of a power failure, as soon as the light bulb is restored it will only take a few tens of seconds to automatically recognize the network and connect to it again.


The application has a very clean and easy to understand user interface. It provides an On / Off button for remote switching on and off, which takes place with about 1 second delay from the click. There is also a slider to adjust the light intensity and two panels that allow you to program time slots for automatic switching on and off and to create virtual rooms to control multiple light bulbs from the same series with a single stroke, therefore although integration with HomeKit is not supported for control via Siri, however, there are the main functions offered by Apple with the Home app.

Amazon Alexa

For voice control, in fact, the light bulb relies on Amazon Alexa, a function that we have not been able to try because not only do we not have a speaker with this technology available, but in Italy support for the Italian language is not yet available so who was in possession of the Amazon speaker can benefit from this possibility by interacting with the light bulb only through the English language.


It is a pity not to be able to fully enjoy the vocal functions, but overall the light bulb is still an excellent product, both from the constructive point of view and from that of the lighting offered. In fact, it consumes 9W but lights up as a 60W bulb and energy class A +. Warm light (2700K) and ideal if used on a bedside lamp or in a room where you prefer lighting that reconciles sleep.

Eufy Lumos Smart Bulb review

Retail price

Eufy Lumos Smart Bulb on sale on Amazon for 40.99 euros. At this price there are solutions compatible with HomeKit and also able to offer more colors for lighting, therefore the purchase recommended mainly to those who are developing a home system that will soon be controlled through Amazon's Alexa technology.