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Escape From Monkey Island in Italian

Escape From Monkey Island in Italian logomacitynet1200wide 1

Luciano Pecorella's work continues tireless. Our friend who set himself the "mission" of locating the main Mac games in Italian yesterday presented on his website a patch capable of translating all the Escape From Mokey Island texts into our language.

The initiative is of great importance because the game, yet another adventure of the bungling sailor struggling with ghosts and improbable pirates, really difficult to understand if you are unable to at least read the texts, strictly in English, that accompany him. Although Escape From Monkey Island has been translated into Italian, a version in our language exists only for PC while Mac users have always been dry-mouthed, not being able to fully enjoy the excellent game and its sarcastic humor.

Luciano's patch, as mentioned, available for now only in a beta version and easily downloadable for its small size. As always also free; users are only invited to provide their support and contribution by providing feedback to the author.

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