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Enel X Homix is ‚Äč‚Äčthe Alexa thermostat and smart home control center

Enel X Homix is ‚Äč‚Äčthe Alexa thermostat and smart home control center

Three firsts for a single device: Enel X Homix the first smart thermostat with Alexa launched in Europe, the first made by an Italian company sold in multiple countries, finally it is the first company in our Energy and Utility sector to make it available through Amazon.

But Enel X Homix much more also from the end user point of view because it is a smart thermostat and a smart speaker with Alexa, immediately ready to make heating management smarter and cheaper, both with boiler and centralized.

There is no need for masonry work or even work on the electrical system: simply replace the old thermostat with Enel X Homix by choosing the starting kit according to your system. Learn from the habits of each member of the family, lower the temperature when there is nobody in the house, even remotely adjust via smartphone and much more.

But above all Enel X Homix was designed and prepared to be the heart or better the command center of an entirely smart home, even for those who start from scratch. In fact, as the user purchases bulbs, cameras, sensors and smart devices of any type, brand and function, Homix can manage them all together, also becoming an intelligent alarm, smart lighting system, control unit for electrical appliances and in general any device for home automation.

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Enel X Homix presented in the beating heart of reborn Milan

The presentation took place at the futuristic IBM Studios center in Piazza Gae Aulenti in Milan, a few steps from the Bosco Verticale, the Unicredit skyscraper and Corso Como, one of the most modern and fascinating areas of the Lombard capital, literally reborn within a few years.

First to go on stage Andrea Scognamiglio, Head of Global e-Home Enel X who offered a summary presentation of the device, including some short spots that illustrate its functions and advantages compared to traditional thermostats. Instead of static settings and programming, Homix learns about the habits and times of all members of the family, adjusting the temperature to improve comfort but also reducing consumption and waste.

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While the old thermostats can be adjusted only when the user at home and through complex keystrokes and programming, with Homix simply say Alexa put 20 degrees or Alexa lowers the temperature. And when you travel or in the office everything is managed remotely via smartphone app. In addition, by combining sensors, cameras, bulbs and other smart devices, Homix allows you to manage them all with Alexa voice commands and via remote app, transforming into a powerful and versatile control unit for the whole smart home.

Also from the stage Francesco Venturini, CEO of Enel X, illustrated the main market trends and the preferences of consumers in smart home clothes. While companies such as Enel have so far focused on the supply of energy, in the last few years and for those to come, the service sector will increasingly be of importance, with a focus on Green technologies and innovation.

At the same time, users are increasingly demanding smart, smart and connected devices for the home, security, control, entertainment and also for energy management in a green and savings perspective. Homix was created to meet these market trends and the growing user demand for these functions.

Amazon Alexa Voice Service executives on stage

The presentation was also attended by Giulia Poli, Alexa Voice Service, and Pietro Catello, Alexa Voice Service General Manager. The two Amazon executives underlined the close collaboration between Enel and Amazon to bring Homix with the integrated Italian Alexa voice assistant to the market.

Tastes, preferences and even Alexa's style modeled on the tastes and culture of each country. With the launch in Italy, the voice assistant has achieved success beyond expectations, also contributing to the spread of smart home devices for which our country has one of the highest adoption rates in the world.

Enel X Homix the thermostat with Alexa and smart home control center

Since the birth of Amazon, the center of all maniacal attention for the customer, a philosophy that has not changed and that also applies to Alexa. Catello also reported a statement by Jeff Bezos We want customers to be able to use Alexa anywhere and still. Today there are tens of thousands of developers making new devices using Alexa Voice Service, and the number of Alexa devices has more than tripled over the past year. .

The sentence of the founder of Amazon was pronounced in 2018 but still very valid, especially in our country where Alexa speakers have been available for only a year and have already had a resounding success.

Homix is ‚Äč‚Äčready for the whole smart home

In his latest speech Andrea Scognamiglio, Head of global e-Home of Enel X, illustrated all the functions of the device. It starts as a smart thermostat, but Homix is ‚Äč‚Äčalready ready to act as a remote control center for the entire home automation home, also as regards the security and management of all smart home devices.

So in addition to Danfoss Ally valves and sensors to be applied to every single radiator for those who live in apartments with central heating or to manage the temperature in each room, it is possible to gradually purchase other smart home devices and sensors to manage them all with Homix.

enel amazon homix executives allFrom left: Giulia Poli, Alexa Everywhere General Manager, Francesco Venturini CEO of Enel X, Andrea Scognamiglio, Head of Global e-Home Enel X and Pietro Catello, General Manager Alexa Voice Service

It can manage and regulate lights and lamps, intelligent electrical outlets, cameras, presence and intrusion sensors of the alarm system and much more. This is possible thanks to the standard integration of all the technologies used by these devices: Homix offers Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and even the Zigbee protocol.

With Homix it is possible to build a smart home from scratch without having to make large initial investments. It is installed without masonry because everything works without wires and you can also integrate Philips Hue bulbs, Ikea smart bulbs and accessories and many others to be managed with voice commands, intelligently and remotely with Homix.

Price and availability

Enel X Homix offered alone at the list price of 149 euros. On the official store there are two kits to start with: Homix for houses with independent heating which includes the boiler module for 149 euros instead of 199 euros, or the kit for central heating with two thermostats for Danfoss Ally radiator at 189 euros instead of 249 euros .

Alone the smart thermostat also offered at a discount from this Amazon page at 134.10 euros.

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