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Encrypted voice calls arrive on Telegram: the security code is in emoji

A lot of news for the messaging app: in addition to voice calls and the possibility to completely disable them, it introduces a new video quality control system

 the CEO is also one of the founders of the Russian-origin Telegram messaging service, which in recent months is becoming increasingly used in Italy. The premises are all there, but will it really be able to scratch the power of WhatsApp? (Photo: Steve Jennings / Getty Images)(Photo: Steve Jennings / Getty Images)

To do things well, it takes time. This is why Telegram, while the other messaging services were fighting over who better copied the Snapchat Stories, who remained to watch. She was intent on making sure that the calls were fast, quality, but above all safe. When the work is done, he announces the arrival of voice calls for users in Western Europe (and will soon be released in the rest of the world).

Voice calls were built on the basis of end-to-end encryption, the pride of the Russian application for many years (even if someone managed to get smart anyway). The mechanisms of the exchange of security keys have been improved and have simplified their understanding: to be sure that the call is 100% secure, the two users will have to compare 4 emojis on the phone: that will be the security code.

The service will improve thanks to Artificial Intelligence: orEach time a voice call is made, a neural network receives feedback from the device. Needless to say, the app will not have access to the contents of the calls (otherwise, the whole shot on security, it would make little sense), but to technical information such as network speed and performance in general.

Users will be able to decide, based on the settings they prefer, if completely disable voice calls or choose who is allowed to make calls them and who not (for example by choosing the filter "my contacts").

And for those who are not interested in calls, there is a news regarding videos: the app has introduced a video quality control system. Before sending, you can choose what degree of compression to give to the document: the result will be visible before sending.


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