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Emi satisfied with the music without Drm

The launch of music without digital rights protection is proving to be a right choice. This is the opinion expressed by Lauren Berkowitz, EMI vice-president, during a meeting held in New York.

'The first results in our possession – said the manager – are satisfactory. We record an increase both in album sales and in the individual. Among the reported cases there is that of Dark Side of The Moon; the historic work of Pink Floyd would have made a leap forward of 272% if compared with the numbers put together in the eleven weeks preceding the launch of iTunes Plus. In the week of launch of the unprotected music service, the same CD even grown of the 350%. Overall, music without Drm showed an increase in sales from 17 to 24%; Oh No by OK Go Oh rose 77%, A Rush Of Blood To The Head by Coldplay had a 115% increase.

Among the hypotheses for the increase there is also that of an acceleration of the replacement of 'physical' music with digital music. Some specialized sites note that precisely in correspondence with the increase in sales of 'Drm free' songs, there was a decrease in sales of CDs.

What, in any case, will interest more record companies that are still at the window and have not yet decided whether or not to enter the music business without Drm, if Emi will get economic benefits from this type of choice that leaves some important realities such as for example, Warner and the giant Universal Music.