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Ellison leaves Apple

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Ellison leaves Apple –

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Ellison leaves Apple's board of directors.

The volcanic and controversial president of Oracle, known worldwide for being one of Microsoft's most bitter critics as well as Gates's most serious contender for the world's richest computing "tycoon" palm, announced today that he is no longer available to hold the position.

For his decision, Ellison cites problems in the management of the too burdensome commitment on the board that impose his presence to an extent that he cannot guarantee.

Ellison for claims that he will remain alongside Jobs (who on some occasions has had the opportunity to define himself as his only true friend) by providing advice on administrative conduct and strategies to be adopted.

Jobs has said goodbye to Ellison acknowledging the importance of his service over the past 5 years. "We hope to benefit from your informal advice in the near future"

Recall that Ellison had joined Apple's board of directors in 1997 simultaneously with Bill Campbell CEO of the IT company Intuit and Jerry York, former CFO of IBM and Chrysler.

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