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Ellison gives herself to Playboy.

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Ellison gives herself to Playboy. – logomacitynet1200wide 1

We don't know if the regular Playboy readers (?) Can distinguish between an Oracle relational database and one of the competition, but the adult-only monthly has let him tell, on its glossy pages, this and more. After Microsoft, Oracle is the largest software company and has for some time become the promoter of the "electronic identity card" initiative in the USA, and it is increasingly popular, but the idea is now joined by the official motivation: "privacy is still a illusion ". Speaking of his competitors, he that the subject of a book entitled" The difference between Larry Ellison and God – And God does not think he is Larry Ellison ", has for everyone:" Bill Gates a convinced monopolist (…) analysts are the ones who recommended dot com stocks that have now gone bankrupt. ”The wealth that Ellison currently accumulates is greater than that of Kirk Kerkorian, George Soros, Michael Bloomberg and Ross Perot put together, of course lower than what Bill Gates and Paul Allen accumulate but for a short time in 2000 he was at the head of the multi-billionaire ranking. Spending $ 161 million to compete in the America's Cup for one of the many luxuries he grants himself, along with building a 16th century Imperial Japanese-style home that has cost him $ 40 million so far. His biggest hobby remains aviation: he owns and guides airplanes, some time ago he tries in vain to buy a Russian MIG bomber fighter for 20 million dollars. The 58-year-old Ellison founded Oracle in 1977 (thanks to an idea taken from official IBM documents) after working for various Silicon Valley companies such as Ampex, his surname was given to Ellis Island to his parents then from Europe to move permanently to the USA. Oracle looks to companies and Microsoft looks to users, but "Microsoft products are mediocre and they don't want to improve themselves. ”Married three times and perhaps next to his fourth marriage with the writer Melanie Craft, he likes to call himself“ the playbo y of the wired world "and it seems that many women manage to undergo its charm. Ellison owns a biotechnology company, Quark, to which it donates about 100 million dollars every year, instead it is 250 million dollars that it gives to Ellison Medical Foundation to fight diseases in Africa. The rest of the interview in the September issue (we can't tell you if the Italian edition will include it).

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