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Ellen DeGeneres apologizes for making fun of Apple

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Ellen DeGeneres apologizes for making fun of Apple –

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It seems that lately he hasn't been playing jokes in that of Cupertino. On the last evening of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, a well-known talk show aired by NBC, the presenter of the same name publicly apologized to Apple for a short parody made for a previous episode. In the video there was humor about the difficulty of using the iPhone, and the DeGeneres statement suggests that the Apple must not have taken it very well.

In the last episode, which we re-propose to you at the end of the news, the presenter shows the offending video again before saying: "I would just like to apologize if I made it seem that the iPhone is difficult to use. Not it: I have an iPhone. Portia (Portia de Rossi, partner of Ellen ed.) Has one. I immediately learned to write on the iPhone, and the only mobile phone I can currently type on. I love my iPad, I love my iPod and I love iHop. Therefore, to all those of Apple. Steve Jobs. Mr. Macintosh. I apologize. I love this stuff. "

Who knows if you will soon understand how things actually went, although many users are already criticizing the little sense of humor of the Cupertino company. Of course, after the loss of the iPhone 4G and the iPad 3G secretly previewed in Wozniak, there is little joking in the Apple offices.

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