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Elite Keylogger Pro: program to spy on a Mac

Elite Keylogger Pro: program to spy on a Mac


Elite Keylogger Pro, an app to record everything you type on your Mac. How to spy and secretly record everything that is done on Mac

Today I propose an interesting and useful program dedicated to users who own a Mac or want to secretly control one. The software that I present to you is calledElite Keylogger Pro and, as you can guess from the name, allows you to secretly check everything that is done on a Mac.

Elite Keylogger Pro is basically a perfect program to spy on anyone who is using a Mac without it noticing anything.

Given that it is illegal to spy on people without their consent if the Mac is not yours (and I strongly doubt that someone will allow you to spy on what they do on their PC or Mac), with Elite Keylogger Pro you can discover everything that your friends, boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands, wives, children, brothers and sisters will do while using the Mac for work, for leisure, to surf the internet or for any other purpose.

But what exactly does Elite Keylogger Pro do? What is this program for?

First of all, Elite Keylogger Pro, as the name implies, a keylogger.

Usually keyloggers are used by hackers to steal personal data and information (such as credit card data) from poor and unsuspecting victims who click here and there while browsing the internet. Through a keylogger, in fact, a hacker can find out which sites the victim visits (e.g. bank site), what keyboard letters he enters when entering personal data (e.g. credit card data) and then he can use the stolen data benefit.

But a keylogger is a very powerful tool, which allows you to spy and record everything that happens on a PC or Mac.

In fact, a keylogger is a software that records all the activities that are carried out on a PC / Mac and consequently knows exactly what is being done, when it is being done and by whom it is being done. For example, a keylogger like Elite Keylogger Pro offers these features:

  • records the keys and buttons typed on the keyboard
  • record and save screenshots of open programs
  • spy, check and analyze emails sent and received
  • keeps track of the websites visited, the history and everything that happens online
  • save, record and capture passwords (not just websites) entered on the Mac
  • record and save all chat sessions
  • much more.

And to make matters worse,Elite Keylogger Pro absolutely invisible: the victim you want to check and spy on will never know you are using to record everything he does on the Mac.

Elite Keylogger Pro offers a simple, clear and immediate interface that can be used by all users, even the less experienced. You don't need to be a hacker or an expert user to use Elite Keylogger Pro and to configure it: even those who understand little about computers and have little experience will be able to buy, download, install and use Elite Keylogger Pro without any problem. The program specifically has a simple and clean interface to be used by both expert users and those less accustomed to using a Mac. Try the free version anyway and, if you like, buy the full one for a fee.

Elite Keylogger Pro an extremely powerful and complete program, that will give you truly incredible powers and allow you to spy on just about anyone on the Mac. As mentioned, use legal Elite Keylogger Pro but ONLY if you use it on your Mac; clearly if you use it on a Mac you don't risk getting a complaint for violation of privacy and probably more. Take full responsibility if you decide to use a program like Elite Keylogger Pro to spy on friends, relatives and acquaintances without their knowledge.

With Elite Keylogger Pro you can turn into real 007 to spy on anyone you want via the Mac. If you have suspicions about your partner, partner, husband, wife, son, daughter, brother, sister or whoever you want, with Elite Keylogger Pro you can find out which secrets are hidden from you extremely easily.

In the same way, the Elite Keylogger Pro program can be used by the employer to check if employees actually work or if they spend their time on Facebook.Elite Keylogger Pro also perfect to discover, steal and find the Facebook password of anyone you want: as long as the person you want to spy on uses your Mac with Elite Keylogger Pro installed.

Download and purchase Elite Keylogger Pro

Elite Keylogger Pro you can buy it on StackSocial where sold for $ 9.99, about 7.5, compared to the $ 49 off-promotion price. The program is also available in a free version: it has fewer functions available, but allows you to test its effectiveness before purchasing the full version. Try it and, if you like, buy the full version to get all the features.

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