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[Editoriale] When the iPhone … no longer attracts as it once did

[Editoriale] When the iPhone ... no longer attracts as it once did


[Editorial] When the iPhone … no longer attracts as it once did jpg

Good times when the iPhone was no longer devaluing … It all started with the iPhone 5, which for the first time was not difficult to find more convincing offers than the usual little habits we were used to seeing when talking about the iPhone. The price of iPhones has always been very stable over time until a few years ago when something changed and on the net there are very interesting prices for those who want to buy an iPhone.

The price of the iPhone always much more, with prices starting from about 700 euros up to over 1000 euros but looking on the net it is possible to take home a iPhone 6 brand new with around 550 euros. Personally I like to sell and buy smartphones to round up the salary and then I also do it out of passion because I like to change smartphones very often. Precisely for this my second job I noticed a very layered fact that sees the brand new iPhone 6 being the object of desire of many people for not wanting to spend the crazy amounts of the past anymore.

For example l'IPhone 6 Plus has prices starting from 839 euros but on the net we can find it new from the store with prices of around 200 euros less and obviously on the used market the prices are plunging. If on the new the iPhone 6 are found with prices from 550 euros, L'used is worth even less and it is not difficult to find iPhone 6 in perfect condition with prices below 500 euros.

Same goes with the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S which have ridiculous prices when compared with those of a few years ago with the best-selling iPhone 4 and 4S that still have their market. It is a fact that doing a simple search on the web makes it easy to find competitive prices on all iPhones and the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are the most striking examples.

Is Apple's growing parable over? Now we wait for Samsung with its Galaxy S6 that should make the same end as the iPhone 6 with prices starting from 700 euros but that on the parallel market, and there are already some examples with prices of around 650 euros on the web, they should see a substantial drop of price. How do you think it? Would you buy an iPhone 6 for 500 euros? Or would you opt for a Samsung?

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