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Edit and convert 4K video with MacX Video Converter Pro

Edit and convert 4K video with MacX Video Converter Pro

From video cameras to TVs, through game consoles and computers. Now clear: the era of 4K content started. There are many videos that are recorded with this resolution. YouTube has been supporting 4K for a few years, Netflix is ​​releasing all the new TV series and very high resolution original films. Even television broadcasters like Rai and Sky have now been offering programs and films for a few months now to a resolution never seen before. And now we are wondering how to convert 4K video to read them easily on all devices.

The move to 4K has brought enormous benefits from the point of view of video quality but also a great challenge: 4K videos are large files. A minute of a movie with this resolution recorded with an iPhone X weighs about 350MB. A movie of one hour in 4K H.264 can exceed even 5GB. A big problem for those who have a smartphone or tablet with only 64GB of storage space. Also, do not forget how iPhone, iPad or Android smartphones do not natively support all video formats. So it might be the case to download a 4K video from the internet with the impossibility of reproducing it on our mobile devices. What to do if the multimedia player does not support 4K files? The only solution to convert 4K video to a lighter format.

MacX Video Converter Pro, the fastest tool to convert 4K video for Mac

To solve all these problems and manage the high-resolution videos in the best way, it is necessary to have an excellent software that allows you to convert 4K movies quickly with the best result. In this way we could convert a movie to adapt it to the display resolution on which we want to reproduce it, avoiding upscale and downscale of the video that in most cases causes slowdowns. The problem is that many tools do not handle 4K formats well, requiring very long conversions. Or they may not fully support this resolution.

Mac owners can rely on the potential of MacX Video Converter Pro, which a few months ago introduced the management of 4K movies, becoming the best 4K video converter with support for the H.265 codec. This is great news for all those who want to convert a 4K video to play it on an iPhone or iPad.

convert 4K video with MacX Video Converter Pro

Before talking to you in detail about the features of this software, I would like to announce you a Contest. Find out how to play and edit 4k videos and win different prizes. It only takes a minute to fill out a video recording questionnaire to compete for a GoPro, portable batteries and a copy of MacX Video Converter Pro. The contest is valid until May 31st.

A first interesting feature is the possibility of converting a 4K video from the old H.264 codec to the new H.265 format, which maintains the video quality but dramatically reduces the size of the final file. From the tests I did with MacX Video Converter Pro, two minutes of a 4K movie have been reduced from 162MB to 39MB at the end of the conversion. About a quarter of the original size, which certainly allows you to save a lot of space when you decide to pass movies on your iPhone or iPad.

MacX Video Converter Pro it exploits the full potential of modern processors to achieve very high conversion speeds. In particular, third-level hardware acceleration (developed by Intel QSV, Nvidia (CUDA / NVENC) and AMD) is exploited, which speeds up video transcoding by applying hardware acceleration during video decoding, video processing and video encoding. Furthermore, all the processor cores are put into operation to achieve the final result in the shortest possible time.

To improve conversion speed, the function self-copy allows you to change the video format without changing the codec with which the video was formatted. This aspect allows you to change the video format obtaining the maximum result with the least effort. All these tricks make MacX Video Converter Pro up to 5 times faster than its competitors.

The best choice for converting and compressing 4K video

Tools that offer all these potential tend to be very difficult to use. But this is not the case. In fact, it is possible to convert 4K videos or compress them in a few steps.

  • Starts MacX Video Converter Pro and click the button Video place in the upper left corner. Search for the file you want to convert and open it.
  • The program will ask you to select the output profile of the video. There are many pre-set profiles suitable in most cases (for example, all the settings are ready for conversion for iPad, iPhone or Android smartphone). If you need a particular configuration, you can manually manage all the conversion factors.

MacX Video Converter Pro 1

You can load more than one file that you want to convert with the same conversion profile. In this screen you can also choose whether to enable the hardware acceleration of the processor and the quality of the final movie. When everything is ready you can click on the start button to start the process.

MacX Video Converter Pro 2

Download, edit, compress and convert

The features of this software do not end only in converting 4K video. MacX Video Converter Pro in fact it integrates many editing tools that allow you to resize, crop, add texts or filters to movies. It also allows you to convert movies to FullHD in high-quality formats with 2K or 4K resolution, optimizing videos for very high resolution screens.

MacX Video Converter Pro 3

Furthermore there are functions to download movies from the web, convert them and compress them. You can do everything through a single program. You can download the free trial MacX Video Converter Pro directly from the official website. In this period also available a promotion that allows you to buy it at a discounted price.