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Edirol UA-700, Audio / MIDI interface dedicated to guitarists and singers

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Edirol has announced the new UA-700 portable USB Audio / MIDI interface, which stands out because of the COSM technology particularly suitable for guitarists and singers.The USB connection allows a quick connection to the Mac and also provides the necessary power to the interface. The unit simulates models of amplifiers and microphones, in addition to having a versatile multi-effect.

It has two XLR / TRS microphone inputs, a specific guitar input, RCA / Phono inputs and RCA output, S / PDIF I / O optical / coaxial, support of 24bit / 96KHz format, low latency and direct monitoring functions, MIDI I / Or, Sound Manager compatibility, ASIO 2.0 (Mac / Win) and WDM (WinXP / 2K).

The guitar section allows you to choose between 11 amps, 6 types of speakers and to add Flanger, Tremolo, Phaser, Delay and Compressor effects.

The microphone section allows you to choose between 5 types of microphones with different characteristics, as well as compressors and an integrated de-be.

At the system level there are reverb effects, Chorus, Noise Soppressor and a three-band equalizer.

UA-700 has several potentiometers for direct control of effect parameters, and Play / Stop buttons for controlling recording programs.

The interface has a suggested price of 719 Euros and available from September.

(By Daniele Volpin)