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Ecovacs Home changes its face and adds Live Chat to control cleaning robots

Ecovacs Home cambia faccia e aggiunge la Live Chat

Ecovacs Home manages obstacles even more efficiently thanks to the new update that makes the app even more intelligent, intuitive and interactive. Among the main novelties stands out a modernized interface and a renewed section dedicated to support. In addition, a live chat will be available shortly for even faster and more personal contact with customer service.

An update made necessary also by the fact that currently, in Europe, robotic vacuum cleaners have reached the mass market. Until recently considered a gadget for fans of technological innovations, these products, in fact, have become part of the everyday life of medium families. With such a high demand, it is essential that the technology is intuitive to use, easy to understand and that it provides rapid and personalized assistance in case of need.

What changes from today

Through the Ecovacs Home app – available for free in the App Store (iOS) and in the Google Play Store (Android) – we said, available not only direct contact with customer service but also access to more product information, images and explanatory videos.

Thanks to the new interface, those who own models equipped with navigation and mapping technology Smart Navi 2.0 can trace the cleaning path of their Deebot even more accurately (each cleaning process is displayed in the app and saved), also also the setting of different cleaning mode and hourly planning of DEEBOT activity are simpler and more intuitive.

Owners of robot vacuum cleaners with navigation and mapping technology Smart Navi 3.0 – such as the Deebot Ozmo 900 presented a few days ago and the Deebot Pro930 – from now on can instead trace the robot's cleaning path in greater detail and elaborate it. The design of virtual barriers, the recognition of carpets and the cleaning of specific areas are more precise thanks to the improved display of the apartment map. At the moment not all Smart Navi 3.0 robot vacuum cleaners are available in the Ecovacs Home app, but all new devices arriving on the market will be included in the new application.

Ecovacs Home changes its face and adds Live Chat

News coming soon

In addition to the message and call function, it will soon be possible to use a live chat to communicate directly with the support staff. The function will be available in the app menu under "Help and feedback". The support staff will respond in pre-established time slots, while requests received outside these hours will be processed on the next working day. In case of questions and doubts, photographs can also be sent in the chat.

Under the menu item "Help and feedback" some explanatory video tutorials will also be available, as well as the most frequently asked questions and answers based on the Deebot used for first aid to the user.


At the time of writing, the Ecovacs Home app compatible with the following models: