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Echo Wall Clock, the Amazon wall clock for programming timers with Alexa

Echo Wall Clock, the Amazon wall clock for programming timers with Alexa

Echo Wall Clock for sale in Italy. To buy the Alexa wall clock announced last December from today, simply access the relevant tab on, add it to your cart and proceed with the purchase.

Perfect in the kitchen – where generally multiple timers are planned – but can be installed in any other environment thanks to its timeless design, with Echo Wall Clock the usual voice command with which you usually program a countdown to program one and display its progress towards it is enough its expiration directly on the dial.

Although in fact it is an analog clock with lots of hands, the individual minute marks are accompanied by a small LED light that lights up creating a crown of light that increases in length as the previously set timer advances.

Echo Wall Clock, the Amazon wall clock for programming timers with Alexa

At the moment, the only limit of Echo Wall Clock linked to the need to be associated with a compatible Echo device and be at most 9 meters away from the latter (it connects to it via Bluetooth 4.2) as it is not equipped with microphones, speakers and all those other components to equip it with Alexa and thus work totally independently.

It is therefore only a wall clock that has the dual function of visually showing the current time and at the same time the programmed countdown deadlines – yes, we speak in the plural because more than one can be programmed – with the added convenience of synchronizing independently the hands with the current time (changes from winter time to summer time and vice versa included).

Echo Wall Clock about the size of other clocks of its kind (25.4 cm diameter, 4.1 cm thick) and powered by four AA batteries included in the package together with the screw and the plasterboard plug to fix it to the wall.

As for the compatibility mentioned above, it must necessarily be configured – just say Alexa, configure my Echo Wall Clock – and connected wirelessly to one of the following devices: Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Plus, Echo Show, Echo Show 5, Echo Spot, Echo Flex, Echo Studio and Echo Input.

The company specifies that at the moment it is not compatible with Fire TV or Fire tablets, therefore it is possible that in the future these devices could become an integral part of the Alexa ecosystem available to the user.

As we said, Echo Wall Clock is no longer exclusive to US customers because it has also been available in Italy for a few hours: you can find it on sale on Amazon at a price of 29.99 euros.