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Echo, the intelligent Amazon speaker with Alexa finally in Italy

Amazon Echo

Coming soon in the Amazon Echo, smart home speakers with integrated voice assistant.

The well-known leading brand in the e-commerce sector announces the imminent arrival of its smart speakers also in Italy: Amazon Echo between us.

Amazon Echo

The Amazon smart speaker finally available also for our country: launched in 2014 in the United States, Echo was immediately a success in sales. The first of its kind in the USA, Amazon Echo has been able to conquer an ever-increasing market share: we expected it a bit, it was the natural choice since the smart speaker market was leveled by Google, which launched its Google Home with Assistant's voice last spring.

For sure, Amazon Echo is able to reserve large and pleasant surprises, especially for music lovers.

Amazon Echo: the full family arriving in Italy

Echo is a loudspeaker that gives life to Alexa, the famous voice assistant of Amazon, which evolved through various versions and come to us built on purpose tailored to our language and our culture.

The devices arriving in Italy are:

  • Echo Dot;
  • Echo;
  • Echo Plus;
  • Echo Spot;
  • Echo Sub.

Everyone is capable of the smart features we've learned to love thanks to Google Assistant, such as:

  1. The alarm;
  2. The weather forecast:
  3. Reproduction of music;
  4. Search for information on the internet;
  5. Control of smart home appliances.

All Amazon Echo are designed to be used through voice commands, so Alexa will be able to meet the needs of every member of the family even if it is on the other side of the room compared to the device.

More than for software quality, the Amazon speakers stand out for their hardware capabilities: Echo Dot is the smallest and cheapest in the family, an entry-level device for those who are not yet completely convinced of getting a voice assistant into their home, in their clothes a speaker that is always listening. Equipped with Dolby audio and a more powerful speaker, the thin Echo model, while a step up is the gem of the Spot model. Echo Spot different from his brothers, since the only one to be equipped with a small screen, through which it is possible to play short videos, or make or receive video calls by users who use the dedicated app.

Finally, Echo Plus is the top of the Amazon range, also equipped with Dolby audio technology for an even more enveloping sound during music playback. Echo Sub is added to this family, ie a subwoofer designed to be combined with Amazon Echo which, in combination with a pair of standard Echo, claims to want to look like a Hi-Fi system.

The devices in the Echo range are already available for pre-order with a promo launch, while the delivery is expected to start from the next one 30 October.

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