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eBay to support Italian SMEs during the Coronavirus emergency

eBay Emergency

ECommerce companies can continue to operate in all sectors: eBay introduces actions to support current sellers and those who want to open up to online commerce

The Coronavirus emergency, which has been hitting Italy hard for weeks, does not fail to create important difficulties from an economic point of view, with repercussions that mainly affect small and medium-sized Italian companies.

eBay for Italian SMEs during the Coronavirus emergency

ECommerce remains an important tool to support businesses. The retail trade of any type of product carried out via the internet in fact expressly provided for by the institutional provisions. Companies that trade retail goods can therefore continue their online business, always guaranteeing full compliance with the necessary sanitary hygiene requirements.

eBay EmergencyThis is why eBay, which has always been an SME partner, is undertaking a series of measures at a global level to meet the needs of its sellers and to help companies that decide to open up online. For all Italian companies that do not have an eCommerce channel, eBay offers a series of free webinars on its YouTube channel where the experts of the marketplace they offer support in opening an online business and teach how to seize the opportunities that this market can offer in general. In addition, for businesses that want to open a shop on the marketplace, eBay offers 12 months free for the standard shop and 6 months free for the Premium shop. In this way, new sellers will not incur fixed costs for a period of time, economically facilitating their entry into the online market.

As for the over 35,000 Italian companies that already operate on the platform, in order to support the cash flow, eBay is working on a 30-day extension plan for the payment terms of some sales rates for all professional sellers. In this way, the flexibility necessary to support activities in this difficult moment will be guaranteed.

Furthermore, any delays in the delivery or cancellation of orders caused by the emergency in progress, between 20 February and 20 May, will not be counted within the seller's performance, so that its level will not be negatively affected. eBay also invites all sellers to inform their customers in case of delays or difficulties in processing orders, keeping an open and transparent communication.

At this time when we are all faced with great challenges, eBay's priority is to be close to its sellers and offer all the necessary support to ensure that the business of those who operate through the platform can be affected as little as possible. emergency. In addition, we want to help all Italian SMEs who want to open up to the online market to do it right and lay the foundations for creating an online space that can be a support for their long-term activity, says Sara Cendaroni, Head of Sales and Trading of eBay in Italy.

eBay for Italy

Finally, eBay is working on a series of additional specific measures for the Italian market, in order to offer continuous support to its users in this difficult moment.

To support the campaign #We're at home, from March 19, eBay, through the code PERVOI5EURO, makes available to consumers a 5 coupon, which can be used on a selection of products created precisely from the interest shown by users with respect to some categories of the site. * The eCommerce site has always offered itself as an intermediary between supply and demand and allows you to choose from a wide variety of proposals, all from real people, whether private or professional. And thanks to its unique business model that when you buy on eBay it helps the real economy first. By choosing from the thousands of online stores of professional sellers (only in Italy there are over 35 thousand), you can support the business of companies that, thanks also to the online lever, manage to remain competitive on the market.

Even the countryside #We're at home, in addition to meeting the needs of the people who buy, it also concretely supports Italian small and medium-sized enterprises.

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